Family, Executive, & Private Coaching

Family, Executive, & Private Coaching

Give the gift of modern etiquette for excellence from the 
Cincinnati Etiquette & Leadership Institute, LLC.

CELI's Offer

Are you searching for the perfect, memorable gift to celebrate a milestone of loved one? Do you sometimes feel your children and grandchildren are at a disadvantage because they may not know the rules of proper etiquette? We can customize a training seminar or dining tutorial just for your family. Home School Programs would benefit from our comprehensive training services just as private and public schools do. We will design customized training for home school programs. 

Some topic ideas may include but aren’t limited to:

  • Distinguished Dining Skills
  • Business Etiquette: Professionalism and Relationship Building
  • International Protocol and Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Leadership and Business Coaching: A winning combination for learning Executive Presence & Networking Skills

Give a thoughtful and unique gift to your family members (and yourself!) that continues to give over a lifetime. Together, you can enjoy a two hour dining tutorial in your home, club, or at the Terrace Park Country Club and learn the art of dining, table manners, corporate etiquette, conversation, and much more. 

Private business etiquette consultations and coaching are also available for emerging leaders. This is a thoughtful gift for the high achiever interested in receiving some personalized coaching attention regarding leadership roles in college, securing their dream job, or advancing in the workplace. 

For executive coaching, curriculum is custom-tailored to provide corporate etiquette intelligence that will inspire. Curriculum is from the credible global industry leader of corporate etiquette consultant trainers, the Protocol School of Washington.

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