TEST Women's Leadership: Empowering Your Best Self

Women's Leadership: Empowering Your Best Self

Course Overview

 A 1 1/2 - 2 hour interactive workshop or half-day summit (See curriculum options below)

The most BEAUTIFUL thing a woman can wear is CONFIDENCE.

Be the finest ambassador you can be for yourself, your company/school, and your gender. This learning journey prepares women leaders to confidently conduct themselves with power and control, while staying true to their gender and their femininity.  Many people mistakenly associate branding with a company brand.  However, everyone has a personal brand, but it needs to be identified, then cultivated.  Instead of finding themselves, women must create themselves by leveraging their unique strengths.  Business etiquette is all about self-awareness and self-restraint in presenting oneself with excellence using highly developed communication skills.  Power body language and persuasive verbal skills will be learned to project credibility, likability, and authority.  Equip yourself with these essential, yet often overlooked, professional development skills and a heightened awareness of your reflected best self.  

Course Highlights:

  • Personal Branding: Brand Yourself or Be Branded
    • Discovering Your Reflected Best Self
    • Leveraging Your Unique Value Proposition
    • Mastering the Three Steps to a Compelling "Rocket Pitch"
  • Power Body Language for Women Leaders  
    • Accurately Reading Non-Verbal Signals & Micro-Expressions
    • Employing Smart Body Language for Results
    • Strong Presence in Negotiations
  • Words Matter: Speak with Authority
    • Clear, Succinct, & Persuasive Verbal Skills
    • Verbal Taboos & Blunders that Undermine Women's Credibility
    • The Essential Self-Narrative
  • First Impressions Count for Women
  • Principles of Professionalism: Eye Contact, Handshake, Greetings & Impactful Introductions, & Business Card Protocol
  • Remembering Names
  • Gender Authenticity: Should Women Act Like Men to Succeed?  
  • Is it Important for Women to Support Women?
  • "Netiquette": Smooth Electronic Communications & Minefields To Avoid in a Digital World
  • Team Building & Collobarative Storytelling 
  • Females Working Effectively Across Generations
    • Closing the Generational Gap: Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, & Veterans
    • The Benefits of Reciprocal Women Mentoring Programs

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