The Well-Rounded Emerging Leader

The Well-Rounded Emerging Leader

Course Overview

Designed for high-achievers with leadership aspirations, this is an dynamic series comprised of four 2-hour workshops with a three-course meal dining tutorial as the crowning capstone.

Do you believe that today’s preparations guarantee tomorrow’s achievements? This series allows you to invest in yourself by learning how to become well-rounded and refined in a globally competitive society. Set yourself apart from the everyday mediocrity that’s become so prevalent. Success is measured in meaningful relationship-building, networking, and highly developed communication skills.  Business etiquette is the key to accomplishing these goals. Once these skills are mastered, doors of opportunity begin to open. 

The length of time for this training session may be adjusted to meet client preferences.

Two-Hour Course Modules

Etiquette & Protocol: The Fundamentals to Succeed
Upon completion of this program, you will have the confidence, presentation and communication skills to make a lasting positive impression. This training provides the essential finishing touches to differentiate yourself with refinement and poise to succeed in your educational experience and beyond. 

Think Globally! You're a World Citizen
Expand your horizons by engaging in a fun, interactive workshop with break-out exercises, role playing, and class participation. This course will raise your awareness of cultural differences and what it takes to respectfully interact with people who have different world views and personalities. Successful communication skills and cultural preferences will be highlighted in the curriculum for specific country requests. The Asian dining style will also be covered. We encourage you to make a request for specific countries to be highlighted in our curriculum. 

Can technology & etiquette be friends? Absolutely. 92% of teens say Social Media is creating a less civil society in our high-tech world. This class teaches the importance of wise internet use and polished electronic communication. Appropriate communication skills will be covered regarding the internet, social media, emails, and electronic devices. You are forever a part of recorded history every time you use the internet so learn modern manners now so you’ll have no regrets later.

Dining Tutorial & Seminar
A three-course, dining tutorial and mini-seminar. Your dining etiquette says more than you can imagine about who you are. This course covers the American and Continental/European dining styles as well as dining dos and table taboos.

Please Note: The Dine like a Prince/Princess tutorial is also available for children. Please ask for details. 

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